Chloe starts writing her diary after her psychiatrist, Dr. Booth recommends she does so. In the diary, she describes all the events leading up to her death before Skyla Messenger's arrival on Paragon. This allows Skyla to discover her true nature and learn more about the people she knows on Paragon, most importantly members of the Countenance.

After Chloe's death, the diary is in the possession of Michelle Miller. When Skyla obtains it, all of the pages are glued together. Upon the removal of this glue, a note from Chloe falls from the diary, reading:
"Dear Skyla,
This changes everything."

Chloe also hides the protective hedge in her diary after Skyla travels to the past and convinces her to do so.

List of people Chloe hatesEdit

At the back of her diary, Chloe makes a list of all the people she hates. The list is as follows: